Riggan is a man struggling to make his mark in the world. Having achieved fame as "Birdman", he voluntarily walked away from the on screen role, and battled the inner voices that had him believe he was more powerful than anyone could imagine. Old, irrelevant, but still driven, Riggan has chosen to pursue his dream of honoring the man who inspire him over 20 years ago. Riggan and those around him are all facing similar battles, but seem to be unware od any but their own. Determined to make his play a success, he overcomes obstacle after obstacle in order to ensure it is a sucess on the stage. Surrounded by his daughter and the actors he´s chosen, Riggan works to come to terms with the realities of life. Moments of brutal honesty affect him and those around him. Nearly everyone finds themselves in both positions, of giving and receiving the words they need to hear in the moment. Riggan attempts to let himself truly feel wjat he needs to so he can find inner peace and freedom. Opening night finds him offering the performance of his life for more reason than one, the success of that night will make or break the future of his play. Like everything else, his handling of events is affected by demons only he is aware of. 

I like this film because of the meanings it hides and one of his last scenes, you can see it if you click here.

My favorite scene